Version 1.0
A Dangerous Sliding iOS Game
Hyper Slider is a minimal tactile puzzle game where everything is friend or foe.
Every new areas of the game contain new twists and dangerous elements to face.
  • 100 levels including 4 Bosses and 4 Survival Mode levels & More to come
  • Harder Levels sections for Hardcore players (you there!)
  • All HD retina display, super sharp graphics
  • 60 fps for a super-fast experience (what else)
  • Universal App ! iPad and iPhones (Best in all iPads for big fingers!)
  • English and French Language supported (more to come)
  • No inApp Store or any complicated stuff, go and play !
iPad 2 and higher, iPhone 4S and higher. WiFi, Edge, or 3G network connection for uploading scores

The Game

Slide through 100 Levels, divided in 4 areas, with on going new elements, from door to lasers, flying and crawling machines, mines and other super deadly elements. The levels, using progressive difficulty, with harder level section available once the Boss is defeated in each section.
A Survival Mode for each area with leader-board, so you can compete with your friends.
The whole thing with a mystical music composed by Emanuel Malin.

Who Made That Game?

Christophe Villedieu, Game & Level Designer at Media Molecule since 2009 :
- Little Big Planet 2 on PS3,
- Tearaway for PS-Vita.
- Tearaway for PS4.
Christophe made the Design in Hyper Slider, code, Art, everything, apart from the music, which is made by Emmanuel Malin : http://www.emmanuelmalin.com

Also made a 6 years and ongoing Community Website :
- Monstroplante.com, a "Little Shop of Horror" plant-rising game where you play and cherish an intelligent creature you can customize at your ease.

Trailer Video

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Contact Me

I will be really glad to have feedback from you, if you have ideas for level or improvements, or anything that makes your fun playing the game